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Click To EnlargeGlobalisation has created a wealth of challenges and opportunities for women in the business world and in society.  The Arab International Women’s Forum (AIWF), launched in 2001, is a non-profit organisation based in London UK that brings together international business women and women community leaders to provide a unique network for them to build their knowledge, develop their business and work potential and promote their organisations.


AIWF activities include seminars, workshops and conferences alternating between London, the Arab world and international capitals.

Western society has long recognised the contribution women have made in business and society. It has encouraged women to become more involved in public life and civil society.  The AIWF was formed by women who have proven by their success that Arab women, like their Western counterparts, can also benefit from increased participation in the public, private and non-governmental sectors.

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Click To EnlargeAIWF is fortunate in attracting to its membership very able women who have many professional skills and experience in their respective countries. They have the desire to use them internationally to enhance the role of women in business and the decision-making process. AIWF is represented in 20 Arab countries and 15 other countries including Canada, the United States, Australia, South Africa, China, Brazil, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, France and the United Kingdom.

Members of AIWF are economists; members of parliament, journalists, writers, media, communications and IT specialists; chartered accountants; lawyers; engineers; architects, landscape and interior designers; real estate developers and managers; medical consultants and hospital managers; fashion retailers; book publishers; in banking and finance; human resources/personnel; administration and welfare management; conference planning and technical translation.

Business and industrial entrepreneurs come from a wide variety of sectors, including: manufacturing; retailing; import/export of marine parts and engines; steel products; industrial bakeware; furniture; antiques; silverware, porcelain, crystal; jewellery; textiles; and natural health and beauty products.

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The Board of Trustees are all successful women giving voluntary support and advice to AIWF.

Haifa Fahoum Al Kaylani - Founder and Chairperson of the Arab International Women’s Forum, London, UK.

Saida Agrebi - Member of the Tunisian Parliament, Chairman of the Tunisian Mother’s Association, Tunisia.

Assilah Zaher Al Harthy - Founder-President & Managing Director of the InterLynx L.L.C., Oman and Head of Corporate Affairs at The Oman Oil Company, Oman.

Sheikha Hind Salman Al-Khalifa – Former Assistant Undersecretary for Social Affairs, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Kingdom of Bahrain

Shaikha Lubna Al Qasimi – Ministerfor Foreign Trade, Government of United Arab.Emirates.

Khalidah Ahmed Al-Qatami - Chairman, Al Khunaini Al Qatami General Trading Company, Kuwait.

Maryam Al Roomi – Minister of Social Affairs, Government, United Arab Emirates.

Afnan Al Shuaiby – Secretary General and CEO, The Arab British Chamber of Commerce , London, UK.

Sheikha Hanadi Nasser Bin Khalid Al Thani - Vice Chairperson and Managing Director AMWAL, Qatar.

Nadia Hassan Bakhurji - Interior Architect and President of Riwaq of the Kingdom Co. Ltd, Saudi Arabia.

Debra Davis - Director, Public Affairs & Communications, Birmingham City Council, UK.

Bineta Diop - Director General, Femmes Africa Solidarité, Geneva, Switzerland.

Raghda Kurdi – Managing Director & Vice President, Hayat Pharmaceutical Industries, Jordan.

Deisi Noeli Weber Kusztra - President of the World Family Organisation based in France.

Peta Payne - Managing Director, International Women of Excellence. (IWE) London, UK.

Sylvia G. Perry - Finance Director, AIWF, Past President and Trustee, BPW International.

Inge Relph - Past Chair, WOMANKIND Worldwide, Board Secretary AIWF, London, UK.

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  • Access to a comprehensive directory of members (2004)

  • Newsletter three times a year

  • Annual conference alternating between Arab and international world capitals

  • Seminars and workshops

  • Links with other international business forums

AIWF Members Application Form

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To receive a membership form, kindly contact:
 Arab International Women’s Forum
4th Floor, 45 Albemarle Street,
London W1S 4JL
United Kingdom

Telephone: 44 207 409 7788   Fax: 44 207 409 7575

Email: info@aiwfonline.com   Website: www.aiwfonline.com

Joining Fee:       £50 (payable once only)

Annual Membership Fees: Individual £50

Associations £100

Corporate £150

For new members there is a joining fee in addition to the annual membership dues.  Please remit full payment.  For membership renewals, please submit only the annual membership fees.

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Arab International Women’s Forum
4th Floor, 45 Albemarle Street,
London W1S 4JL
United Kingdom

Telephone: 44 207 409 7788    Fax: 44 207 409 7575

Email: info@aiwfonline.com          www.aiwfonline.com

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